Thirteen Bled Promises' new video for THE TRUTH IS OUT HERE
song from his upcoming debut album 'HELIOPAUSE FLEETS'

ART & PRODUCTION by Autopsy Designs

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One Year Ago, Alciturri made some drawings for this Thirteen Bled Promises Video. Inspired by their Demo’s artowrk by Autopsy Designs. Enjoy.

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Cover artwork for Thirteen Bled Promises Demo: Disimpregnations.

Autopsy Designs@2010



No one can speak my tongue. Born from the evil rites of an ancient cult. Child of a wrong prayer, an abortion of the mother earth. Embracing the night, I’ve been living in the darkness all my life. My shape will change in the moon light. My eyes are crying blood, my stomach screams, my bones disrespect their joints, piercing through my flesh. What is that noise? Who are these people? Where am I? This can’t be true… Loads of meat to be dismembered, loads of necks to bite, this is the fucking paradise! Your fate is linked with mine, you will feed my insides, you will lose your pride, you will lose your fears too. Your human condition reduced to tears. Cry! Cry! It brings me satisfaction. I wish I had more self control, so if I kill you before I rape you is nothing personal. Whore. Surrounded by horror and blood I’m reborn as a wolf. I’ll remember this forever.

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Messing aruond with After Fx. Big things poppin’

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Here’s the amazing adventures of Thirteen Bled Promises in Barcelona. Watch out!


Last printed work.

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